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Treatment Option Counseling

There's a lot of information out there - some good, some bad, some.. just.. why? The internet can be a great source for general behavior information, but if you have a very specific concern, a unique situation, or just feel incredibly overwhelmed, you're not going to find what you need.

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This is how Treatment Option Counseling (TOC) was developed. Sometimes you just don't know what your options are and you want to talk it out with a qualified professional.

Who can benefit from a TOC?


You’ve started working with a family and the typical approach to b-mod isn’t quite clicking. Is there something we’re missing? Should you refer to a veterinary behaviorist next or is there an intermediate option?

Rescues or Shelters

You’re struggling to determine whether this pet can even be helped. How realistic is success and adoption? What do treatment options look like? Do we make the difficult decision to pursue euthanasia?


Whether your pet’s issue is big or small, it can be confusing to determine who will be the most helpful. The veterinary behaviorist is expensive, but you know you’ll get the best care – is it worth it? We can find out together.

Severe Behavior Cases

When aggression or anxiety gets bad enough that we’re concerned about quality of life, it can be nice to talk about whether there even is hope anymore. Maybe you’re considering rehoming or behavioral euthanasia and just don’t know where to go from here. We can help.

You're welcome to download the PDF below and have it available for your organization. You can also access the Scheduler to set up a session at any time, day or night.

Treatment Option Counseling
Download PDF • 227KB

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