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As a behavior specialist, our provider enjoys taking an active role in the professional community. Whether it's collaborating on cases, presenting to clinics, or coaching new technicians, one of our greatest passions is education.

Image by Paul Hanaoka

On Site Consultations

Team up with Mindful Mentor to provide onsite Behavior Consultations for your patients.


We obtain the history, provide client education, develop a training plan, then offer you suggestions on the medical aspect of treatment.


Delegate the time consuming client care and leave yourself free to address other tasks.  

Image by Tim Mossholder

Employee Education

Our group has several ready-to-go behavior related presentations, some of which are even RACE approved.


From introductory body language to kitten raising to treating advanced behavior disorders, Mindful Mentor has the knowledge and skills to support all your team’s professional goals.

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Program Development

Overhauling any aspect of your practice is daunting. There’s team education, material development, roll out schedules, troubleshooting issues…


As busy medical professionals, you may want to make these changes, but have none of the time.


Hire Mindful Mentor as Program Development Coordinator and we can handle the big picture and tiny details.

Image by Kristine Wook

Concierge Nursing

On demand veterinary nursing and hospice care for your patients.

  • Regular SQ fluids or injections

  • Low stress nail trims

  • Regular ear cleaning/medicating

  • Help with examinations & blood draws

Our provider is available for both in home and in clinic nursing support. Have the best for your patients without hiring a full time technician. 

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