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On Site Consultations


Owner compliance is a huge battle. The owner might know they need to pursue treatment, but regular life gets in the way. By scheduling an appointment right NOW, you significantly increase the chance of follow-through. 

Depending on your location, our group can be available to meet with your patients in person and on site. Much like like mobile ultrasonographers, your team handles much of the scheduling and follow up, but you have a specialist on demand to assess and recommend treatments. 

What we do: 

  • Collect thorough behavioral history

  • Review medical records 

  • Recommend diagnostics and therapies to the doctor

  • Educate client about the condition and causes

  • Discuss long term plan & expectation for change

  • Develop management & enrichment plans

  • Assist in implementation of doctor's medical plan

  • Discuss behavior modification

  • Write a thorough discussion summary for client

  • Provide additional resources pertinent to the case

  • Outline the recommended recheck schedule

We do all the hard work, you keep your patient in the clinic. 

Service Area

Service Area.png


  1. Click the "Schedule Now" button to access the calendar. 

  2. Select the day and time for the appointment. 

  3. Type the veterinarian's name, clinic email, and clinic telephone, then input the remaining information. 

  4. Click the "Complete Appointment" button at the bottom of the page. 

  5. A confirmation email will be sent via email. This email will contain links to the required paperwork for both the hospital and the client.

  6. Be sure these documents are completed within 48 hours of the appointment. 

  7. Initial Behavior Assessments are $195. An invoice will be sent to the clinic at the completion of the appointment. Your client will pay you directly. 

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